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The sports life is over, your kids don’t want to play anymore, you’ve retired and hung up your gear. Which begs the questionÂ… what exactly do you do with all the leftover stuff? Selling it might work, but if it doesn’t most people are at a loss.

So here are a few ways to repurpose and reuse your best softball jerseys and gear to take them off your hands while also saving them from the garbage heap.


Goodwill, local sports teams, schools, and youth groups always get the most benefit out of gear. We all know that sports gear fulfills two requirements. It breaks, and it’s expensive to replace, especially for a team.

Donations will always be appreciated, especially for trophies, which can easily be repurposed for any event, sporting or not.

Make some art.

best softball jerseys

Memory quilts are often made from jerseys and t-shirts, and people will often cut the fabric up and then put it all together with other favorite clothing items. This not only ensures that multiple items are used for one quilt, but that every single patch of the quilt has a good memory to go with it.

Gear such as rackets and balls can also be repurposed in art projects or sports themed decorations. The artistic among use can little imagination to spice up an art piece. The names or numbers on jerseys could be a good centerpiece too for a college or other display.

Pass them around

While most jerseys have markings that prevent them from being used for different teams, they can still be worn as outdoor shirts, bed shirts, and as shirts for getting dirty. So wear them casually, and no one will really care, while they still get their use.

There are countless other ways to repurpose old sports gear and ensure that someone else gets the same enjoyment out of them that you do. 

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