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They are glad rags because they are leaving you in a happy frame of mind. They are good wiping rags because they are doing a very fine job for you indeed. But first you still need to buy them. Easy to do, in light of the fact that not many regular supermarket stores are stocking up on them. You can purchase your good, glad wiping rags that clean and last forever straight from the internet. And just how is it possible that these good, glad rags could last forever, you might be wondering at this time. 

That is easy to explain as well. Say now that due to your hard-pressed and diligent cleaning work, these rags end up being worn out to shreds and are no longer fit to use. Do you toss them out into the garbage bin or dumpster? No, not at all. No need to. The very good folks who sold you these fine rags in the first place would very much like to have your old bits and pieces back, if you don’t mind. And you may as well go on a rummaging exercise too.

Rummage through the boxes in your attic and pull out all those old, discarded clothes you no longer have a need to wear, nor could you even wear seeing that its worn to bits and it’s also gone out of fashion. No, no, not that. No, you’re not going to toss them out into the dumpster. You’re going to hand them over to these good folks. They’re so good, they’ve actually gone on to win international recognition for the good work they’re doing in helping you to clean your environment.

wiping rags

And they’re recycling and re-using those old rags you just chucked out too.

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